Vin Hair Vendor – The best place in Vietnam providing hair products

The global proliferation of wholesale hair suppliers makes it challenging to locate a dependable provider. Vin Hair Vendor is pleased to be one of Vietnam’s finest hair dealers. Continue reading to learn details about this hair retailer. 

History of establishment and development of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Agent is one of the most prestigious hair suppliers in Vietnam. Since 2010, they have been involved in the hair manufacturing industry and become the leading supplier in the industry. Hair supplier Vin is committed to all aspects of the manufacturing and export process, including research and development, manufacturing, and customer service.

Vin Hair Vendor - a formidable competitor in the Vietnamese hair market

Prioritizing excellence is always the top criterion at Vin Hair Vendor. They have built a strict quality control and management system to ensure that every product meets specifications before being sent out. They have an extensive factory and skilled workers to produce and distribute the hair at the lowest possible cost.

The things that make Vin Hair Vendor beat competitors in the market

Vin Hair Vendor has all three of the most important factors: products, prices, and policies to compete with other competitors.

High-quality of hair products that make Vin Hair Vendor beat competitors in the market

Vin Hair Vendor is always devoted to providing consumers with the highest quality items. This is an important factor to help Vin Hair Vendor get a loyal customer base as well as a very large percentage of customers who come back to buy a second time.

  • Vin Hair Vendor guarantees that every one of their hair products is of the highest quality. Vin Hair Vendor’s items are made entirely from Vietnamese hair, without hair mixes, and are manufactured in a factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, by professional workers.
  • Hair products from Vin Hair Vendor are made from 100 percent Vietnamese hair collected from local ladies and mountain and highland women. Due to their generally healthy lifestyle and scientific diet, their hair is typically exceptionally strong.
  • They offer an extensive selection of items, such as weft hair, clip-in, tip-in, closure and frontal. A product portfolio has a variety of products from which purchasers can freely select those that meet their needs.

Many styles of hair products from Vin Hair Vendor

  • On the Nigerian market, their straight hair items are extremely popular. On the European market, clip-in hair, tape-in hair, and tip-in hair are the most popular products. Customers are always pleased with the pricing and quality of the products and frequently place larger orders.

 The best prices of hair products that make Vin Hair Vendor beat competitors in the market

In addition to the quality of the product, the price is also a strong competitive factor that makes it difficult for the remaining competitors to beat Vin Hair Vendor in the market.

  • Their pricing is really reasonable. Some goods are less expensive than those sold by other hair suppliers. When you buy Vietnamese hair wholesale, Vin hải rvendor also has many discounts.
  • The advantage of cheap labor when being located in a country with abundant labor resources and professional experience. 
  • The advantage of raw material costs when there is abundant source of cost from the mountainous women of Vietnam, with the cost to be spent is cheaper than other countries. 
  • The advantage of transporting materials when Vin Hair Vendor’s factories are located right in the raw material supply area. This saves them a lot of time and cost in their production.

Policies of Vin Hair Vendor that make Vin Hair Vendor beat competitors in the market

The last and equally important factor that helps Vin Hair Vendor lead in the world hair industry is customer care service.

  • Shipping Policy: Customers are always delighted with the vendor’s shipping and packing services. Customers are continuously updated on order status and delivery times by the support staff. Each product is packaged with meticulous care.
    • Before packaging, the hair will be cleansed properly. Depending on the amount, each product will be closed in a Plastic bag and labeled with its length before being placed in the mailing bag. They also tailor the packaging to the customer’s specifications.
    • They have alliances with numerous shipping firms, including DHL, UPS, AGENT and FEDEX. They make every effort to ensure that their clients’ orders are delivered as fast as possible.
    • The Vin Hair Vendor promises that your purchase will arrive without incident and within the stipulated time limit. If the things are lost or destroyed, they will assume full responsibility.

Customer satisfied with policies of Vin Hair Vendor

  • Payment Policy: At Vin Hair Vendor, customers are offered a range of secure payment options. It is simple for anybody in the world to purchase hair from the Vin Hair Vendor because they offer many payment choices for each customer’s country. Consequently, they divide payment forms into two categories:
    • For customers from Nigeria, they offer the most affordable Naira Account. This is something that only Vin Hair Vendors are capable of, since they regularly investigate a huge number of potential exclusive distributors to find them the greatest bargain. Contact the Vin Hair Vendor as promptly as possible if daily price updates are desired.
    • For international consumers, they accept bank transfer, Western Union, Master Card, and Visa card…
  • Order Policy: As per their ordering instructions, you do the following actions when purchasing hair from the Vin Hair Vendor:
    • Check their website for the things you require.
    • Give them your final selection and a thorough specification (lengths,  styles and colors etc.) at (+84)356665661. If you need further assistance, yoFrench, you can contact their sales representatives by Whatsapp for free. They have a bilingual team with experts in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Russian in order to provide you with the best possible service.
    • Ensure that they are aware of the categories, descriptions, and quantities you have selected.

The above special and beneficial policies for customers have partly helped Vin Hair Vendor attract more customers both now and in the future.

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